Root Canal

A root canal is the best restorative treatment when the pulp found within a tooth is infected or damaged. If this pulp is allowed to remain within the tooth, it can be extremely painful and lead to an infection that can be life-threatening if not treated. Root canal treatment is done under local anesthesia. The procedure involves removing the diseased pulp, cleaning the inside of the tooth, and then filling and sealing the tooth to restore full functionality. 

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

Your dentist may recommend a root canal if the following occurs:

  1. The tooth’s pulp is damaged
  2. The tooth is cracked or chipped
  3. The tooth is decayed
  4. The tooth has undergone trauma 

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

Root canal therapy is a restorative procedure used to save a tooth that has been damaged or infected. The procedure involves removing the diseased pulp from inside the tooth and then cleaning and sealing the tooth to restore full functionality.

The following steps are involved in root canal therapy:

  1. The tooth is numbed with local anesthesia.
  2. A small access hole is made in the tooth so the damaged pulp can be removed.
  3. The inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.
  4. A filling or crown 

What Happens if I Do Not Have Root Canal Therapy?

If you do not have root canal therapy, the tooth will eventually die and need to be extracted. An infection may also spread to other body parts if the damaged tooth is left untreated. At worst, the condition may be life threatening.

Root canal therapy is a safe and effective procedure that has a high success rate. With proper care, your restored tooth can last a lifetime. 

What Happens After a Root Canal Therapy?

After root canal therapy, your tooth may feel sensitive for a few days. You can take over-the-counter pain medication to help with any discomfort. It’s important to avoid chewing on the tooth until the crown has been placed. Once the crown is in place, you can resume normal activity.

It’s important to practice good oral hygiene and see your dentist regularly to ensure that the tooth is healthy. 

Will I Need Dental Crowns After Root Canal Therapy?

In most cases, dental crowns are not necessary after root canal therapy. However, in some cases, a crown may be recommended to help protect the tooth from further damage. Your dentist will let you know if a crown is necessary. 

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